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1. What is summer camp?
Summer camp is a week long adventure in which the scouts spend the week away from home at one of the Boy Scout camps. There they can partake in a whole range of activities including water sports, outdoor activities, handicrafts, shooting sports and more. Summer camp is one of the primary places that scouts can work on both rank advancement and merit badges.

2. Where does the troop go to summer camp?
The troop has been going to summer camp at Camp Winnebago in Rockaway NJ. This camp is close enough to make it practical to have parents visit and help with adult supervision and it offers a great program for the scouts.
3. Why is summer camp important?
Summer provides the scouts with many different ways to develop both as scouts and as individuals. Staying away from home for a week, by itself, is an important step in the scouts learning to become independent from their parents. Camp also provides many opportunities for advancement that are not easy to get outside of camp.
And on top of that, camp is fun! May adults comment that one of the childhood experiences they have the fondest memories of is their adventures at Boy Scout summer camp.
4. What can you do at summer camp?
You name it, you can probably do it. Here is a sampling
  • swimming
  • canoeing
  • small boat sailing
  • rifle shooting
  • shotgun shooting
  • archery
  • scout skills (pioneering, orienteering, wilderness survival)
  • handicraft, wood carving, leatherwork, basketry, etc
  • loads of other merit badges
5. Can the troop go to other summer camps?
Sure. The troop can go to any Boy Scout summer camp in the US. The further away the camp is, the more planning and early commitment we need, but any camp is possible. Some troops in the area have gone to camps in Maryland and New Hampshire, for example.
6. What is summer day camp? Is it appropriate?
Boy Scout day camp is a transition from Cub Scout camp to full (sleep away) Boy Scout camp. It is appropriate for those scouts that are not yet ready for a sleep away camp. The scouts come home at night, just like the do for Cub Scout camp.
While this may be the right choice for your son, day camp is not the same as sleep away camp minus the overnight. Going to camp with the troop provides the scouts with a much richer experience. It allows them to bond with the other scouts and to partake in far more activities than is possible with day camp. The issue with day camp is essentially that the scouts have a pretty set schedule that they have to follow. That is necessary since someone needs to supervise them and it is simply not possible for each scout to do something different.
By coming to camp with the troop, you will have much more flexibility with choosing what you want to do. This is possible because the scoutmaster and his adult help can work with the scouts as individuals to make a schedule of activities that is suited for the scout.
Lastly, one of the best parts of summer camp is hanging out with your friends in the evening and having the same shared experiences.
7. Is it required that the scouts go to summer camp?
No. While it is highly encouraged, it is not required. We can't emphasize enough the importance of summer camp to the overall scouting experience. But it is not required.
8. What is Sabattis?
Sabattis is a summer camp in the Adirondacks that our Council runs. It is a more wilderness experience than Winnebago and Allamuchy. For example, Winnebago and Allamuchy have dining halls, at Sabattis, the scouts cook all of their own meals. Sabattis has many of the same programs otherwise that the other camps have. But since the scouts are more self-sufficient, they have less time to pursue those activities/merit badges etc.
Sabattis also offers week long canoe and backpacking treks during the summer camp time frame. These are considered "high adventure" and so are only open to scouts 14 yrs and older.
9. Is there financial assistance available for summer camp?
Yes. Financial assistance is available through both a scholarship program provided by the Council and help through the troop. To appply for assistance through the Council, you should download the form to apply for assistance and send it to Council.
For anyone that wishes to get help from the troop, please contact either the Scoutmaster or a member of the committee. Any conversations will be confidential.
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