A great deal of planning goes into all of our trips and for many of these trips the troop has to lay out funds up front. While we recognize that sometimes plans unexpectedly change, it is important that scouts (and parents) follow through on the commitments that they make for attending troop activities.

For trips that are paid in advance, refunds will be provided based on the following rules

  1. Refunds are limited to money paid that the troop has not yet paid out to a 3rd party
  2. Full refunds can be gotten (including money already paid out by the troop) if a replacement is found
  3. No refunds will me made to scouts/parents that backout within 1 week of the trip, regardless of whether the money has been paid out by the troop yet. If a replacement is found, the affected parties should work out a direct payment

No shows are particularly troublesome. In case of a no show when no pre-payment was made, the scout is expected to re-imburse the troop for expenditures that the troop made on his behalf.

Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis due to extenuating circumstances.