Washington State, the land of Volcanoes and Glaciers. Washington has the only active Volcano in the Continental US (Mt St Helens), the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states (Mr Rainer), a mountain range sometimes called "The American Alps", and a national park that has a beach, a rain forest, and a set of glaciers (all in one park). What more could you possibly ask for?

A poosible trip to Washington might include
  • 3-4 day backpacking trip that starts in a rain forest and goes to the bottom of a glacier
  • 2-3 Days Hiking/exploring the active Volcano Mt St Helens and see the devastation from its last full eruption (1980)
  • 2-3 Days at Mr Rainer, tallest mountain in the lower 48, a volcano, and full of glaciers on the top
  • 3-4 Days in the North Cascades, the "American Alps" and some of the most Picturesque mountain ranges in the US
Highlights for the trip might include
  • Hike from rain forest to glaciers in 2 days (17 miles)
  • Explore an area totally wiped out by Mt St Helens only 33 years ago
  • Hike to the base of one of the most active volcanos in the US
  • visit Mt Rainer, home of awesome glaciers and waterfalls (too many to count)
  • Explore the back country of the north cascades, home to 3 awesome lakes, all surrounded by snow capped mountains
Links to the websites for the Parks:
Olympic National Park
bryce Canyon National Park
Mt Rainer National Park/a>
North Casacades National Park
Mr St Helens National Volcanic Monument
Cost: Approximate cost is $1000 - $1200 and would include airfare, rental cars, food, and camping in the national parks. The majority of the cost is the airfare and rental cars and so this is a very rough estimate.
Below are some photos from the various parks in Washington: