Seabase is a Scout Reservation in the Florida Keys. Not surprisingly, its focus is the ocean, offering sailing, scuba, and fishing based trips. Trips to Seabase are 1 week in length and may be scheduled at any time of the year. Popular times to go to Seabase are the summer months and spring break time. Crews going to Seabase have a significant amount of leeway in planning the trip. A typical trip is a sailing based trip in which the boat is captained by a professional and the crew is the scouts. It is also possible to do scuba based trips, although that requires that the participants be certified, which is a significant added expense. Seabase has often been referred to as a vacation, especially by the adults that have gone. The pictures below are from 2 separate trips to Seabase from the Troop. One was a sailing trip and the other was a scuba based trip.

The cost for Seabase varies because of the cost of transportation but is likely to be approximately $1500 including airfare and ground transportation. Unlike Philmont, a trip to Seabase would likely have to be setup by the troop directly with the Seabase Reservation. The Council is working on putting together a Seabase program like that of Philmont, but that is still in the works. Currently they send a single crew during the summer so that may not work for our program.
Websites for more information about Philmont
Seabase Scout Reservation Offical Site
Patriot's Path Philmont Preparation Site (Watchu)
Cost: Approximate cost is currently $2000 and includes airfare to/from Denver, 2 days of travelling in the Colorado Springs area and 12 days at Philmont. All meals are included in the price.
Below are some photos from the last Philmont trip the troop did in 2009