Philmont is the a Boy Scout reservation located in northeast New Mexico. It offers scouts from all over the US a high adventure experience with backpacking at its core, but it is so much more than packbacking. Trips to Philmont from our Council are 15 days long and include:

  • 2 days in Colorado Springs, with a trip up Pike's Peak, a whitewater raft trip down the Arkansas River and more
  • 12 days at the Philmont Scout Ranch, 10 of which are spent in the backcountry at Philmont where the scouts will backpack from one camp to another. Each camp offers something different for the scouts including:
    • shotgun shooting (make your own shells)
    • visit an old gold mine and work in a real iron forge
    • rock climbing and rappelling
    • spare pole climbing
    • horseback riding
    • blackpowder rifle
    • tomahawk throwing
    • and much more
Each crew that goes to Philmont gets a different experience. Treks at Philmont range in length from about 50 miles to well over 100 miles and the treks visit different camps and so have differnt activities. Crews choose which trek they will do, they can tailor their Philmont experience to their desires and goals. While in the backcountry, the crews are self-sufficient, same as they would be if they were in the backcountry anywhere else. And yet they have the support of the staff if something goes wrong, and they have those awesome activities.
A typical day at Philmont generally includes:
  • 3 - 12 miles of backpacking, depending on the overall length of the trip and the distance between the camps they are staying at. Shorter treks it is generally 3-7 miles. For the longest treks, each day is 10+ miles
  • stop at one of more staff camps (camps with staff at them) to participate in the activity there.
  • camp at night at the assigned camp, making dinner as a crew
Websites for more information about Philmont
Philmont Scout Reservation Offical Site
Patriot's Path Philmont Preparation Site (Watchu)
Cost: Approximate cost is currently $2000 and includes airfare to/from Denver, 2 days of travelling in the Colorado Springs area and 12 days at Philmont. All meals are included in the price.
Below are some photos from the last Philmont trip the troop did in 2009