Appli Trail

Outdoor activities are a big part of the scouting experience. Whether it is a day hike in the Delaware Water Gap area (see pic on left), camping in one of the local parks/Scout Reservations, backpacking in the Catskill Mountains, or skiing in Vermont, its all great fun. We are very fortunate to live in a town with so much open space and parkland. So you don't have to go far to fun in the great outdoors if you live in Chester.

Before you head out to the great outdoors, check the weather forecast.

Chester is home to a number of parks, some owned by the Town, others by Morris County. Here is a guide to the local parks

Tiger Brook Park/MacGregor Preserve: Located between Cooper Lane, Cliffwood Rd and Old Chester Rd, this jewel of a park provides miles of hiking trails You can find a trail map here.

Evans Preserve: Located between South Rd and Willow Drive, this 110 acre tract has a number of hiking trails and connects up with Highlands Park located on Norh Rd. The hiking trail map for Evan's preserve is available here

Highlands Park/Black River Fields: Located on either side of North Rd just past Black River Middle School, these parks provide large open spaces that have baseball and soccer fields. In addition, Highlands Park is the home to the Community Garden.

Chubb Park: Located just west of the Rt 206/Rt 24 intersection (on Rt 24), this park contains a small pond and numerous ballfields (baseball, softball, soccer), tennis courts, and a play ground. In addition, Chubb Park has hiking trails that connect the park to Black River Park done by the Cooper Grist Mill.

Black River Park: A County Park that connects the Cooper Grist Mill with the Kaye Environmental Center (also a County Park in Chester). Black River Park has probably the best hiking trails in Chester, including trails through the Black River Gorge (which includes the old Kaye Swimming Hole). The trail map for Black River/Kaye Environmental Center is found here.

Bamboo Brook/Willowwood Parks. These parks are located off of Longview Rd. Willowwood is an arberetum and Bamboo Brook is a former family estate that is adjacent. In addition to the arberetum, there are hiking trails within the 2 parks as well as a trail that connects the parks to the Kaye Environmental Center. The hiking trail map can be found here.

For more information on the parks in the town, please also see the descriptions on the Township website.