This is a collection of questions that provide answers to high adenture opportunities with scouting and the troop. Click on a question to see the answer.
1. What is "high adventure" in scouting?
High adventure in scouting refers to activities that are beyond the usual scouting activities. They generally require significant previous scouting experience and skills. These include extended length backpacking and canoeing trips, for example.

2. What opportunities are there for high adventure?
There are existing programs for high adventure in scouting. These include:
  • Philmont Scout Ranch - backpacking in New Mexico
  • Seabase - Sailing in the Florida Keys
  • Northern Tier - canoeing in Minnesota
  • Sabbatis Scout Reservation - backpacking and canoeing in the Adirondacks
In addition, troops often make their own high adventure outings, backpacking in New Hampshire and the Rocky Mtns, etc.
3. Does the troop have a high adventure program?
Yes, absolutely. The program belongs to the scouts and is run as a separate group within the troop. The scouts, along with their adult advisors, decide what trips to do and plan the trips. High adventure trips by the troop include those to the high adventure programs run by BSA (Philmont, Seabase, etc) Any scout that is in 8th grade and above (or 7th grade and 1st class) may join the high adventure group.
4. What scouts are eligible to go on high adventure trips?
To join the high adventure program in the troop, scouts must be at least in 8th grade, or 7th grade and at least 1st class. For some trips, there may be further restrictions due to the nature of the trip. For example, Philmont requires that the scouts be 14 yrs old by the start of the trip.
5. What is Philmont?
Philmont is a 143,000 acre Scout Ranch in North East New Mexico. Scouts from all over the country go there every summer to partake in one of the best experiences a scout will ever have. Trips to Philmont are 15 days long and may include (depending upon the particular trip
  • backpacking (they all include this
  • rock climbing
  • shotgun loading and shooting
  • black powder rifle loading and shooting
  • horse back riding
  • exploration of old gold mines
  • spar pole climbing, using boot spikes and a safety belt
  • much, much more
Essentially the scouts backpack from camp to camp. At each camp there is an activity similar to the ones listed above that the scouts can partake in. For more information about Philmont, please see the Philmont website.
For those that are interested in going to Philmont in years that the troop is not going, it is possible to go with a crew from another troop from our Council. Our council runs 20 crews a summer to Philmont. If you have an interest please talk to your scoutmaster or see the Council website for Philmont
Applications for individuals wishing to go to Philmont (with a crew from our Council can be found here
6. What is Seabase?
Seabase is a Scout Ranch in the Floriday Keys. Scouts that go to Seabase will spend a week sailing, snorkeling, fishing, etc in the Florida Keys. The boat has a professional captain and the scouts serve as the crew. Trips to go scuba diving are also possible through Seabase. For more information see the Seabase website.
7. Do we plan on going to Philmont/Seabase soon?
To go to Philmont of Seabase requires that we be able to put together a "crew". For Philmont this means 12 (including the adults) and for Seabase, it is generally 8. The troop has a crew for Philmont for 2014 and the hope is to have another crew in 2015. In addition, there are some hopes to put together a Seabase crew in 2014 or 2015.
8. How do I join the High Adventure Group in the troop?
As stated above, the high adventure program is open to all scouts in the troop that are in 8th grade or 7th grade and at least 1st class. To join, you should speak to Jim Pelech to get added to the mailing list and start coming to the plannig meetings.
9. When/how does the high adventure group decide what it is going to do?
The high adventure group meets once a month (currently the 2nd Tues of each month at the Library at 7 pm). These are planning meetings where there group discusses possible trips and works on the detailed planning for upcoming trips that they have decided to do.