Court of Honor
Troop 139 Committee Members
The troop committee is charged with the oversight of the troop and has the ultimate responsibility for the well being of the troop. The scoutmaster reports to the committee and takes direction from the committee. The committee is made up of dedicated adults who meet on the third Wednesday of each month (Sept - Jun) at 7:30 pm in the basement of the Presbyterian Church. There are many jobs that are done by the committee members, here are but a few of them .

The current members of the committee are:
Committee Chair:     George Shannon
Secretary:             <Open>
Treasurer:             Karen Orgera
Members:              Andy Benoit
                             Paul Fox
                             Joe Guido
                             Tanya McGinniss
                             Jim McNaught
                             Jim Pelech

The scoutmaster and assistant scoutmasters are officially not part of the committee. However they attend the committee meetings and partake in the discussions about the direction of the troop. The scoutmaster and assistants are
Scoutmaster:     Steve Davis
Mark Dombrowski
                        Steve Feller
                        Peter Frees
                        Peter Marano
                        Scott Smith
                        Mike Testa