This is a collection of frequently asked questions about camping. Click on a question to see its answer.

1. How often does the troop go camping?

The tries to go camping approximately once per month during the school year. In addition we do at least summer camp (one week) in July. The actual number and timing of the trips dependents upon the calendar that the senior scouts put together.



2. Where does the troop go camping?
The troop goes to a variety of locations and we are always looking for new locations. Recent examples include
  • Winnebago Scout Reservation (Rockaway)
  • Allamuchy Scout Reservation (Stanhope)
  • TigerBrook Park and MacGregor Preserve (Chester)
  • White Haven Pa (Whitewater rafting and biking)
  • Resica Falls Scout Reservation
We have also gone camping on the Appalachian Trail (backpacking), canoe camping on the Delaware.
3. What kind of camping does the troop do?
The troop will do several different kinds of camping. The most common is "static" camping. We go someplace in vehicle and set up camp for the weekend. This type allows us to us the camp stoves, patrol boxes (portable kitchens) and other heavy equipment.
 We also occasionally go backpacking, where we carry everything on our backs that we need. Canoe camping (load everything in canoes) is also sometimes done.
4. What kind of equipment does a scout need for camping?
In general, the scout needs to bring personal equipment with them. The major items that a scout needs are:
  • sleeping bag
  • good shoes (hiking boots preferred but at least sturdy shoes
  • rain gear, jacket and pants preferred by ponchos generally work
Further information, including packing lists, can be found at the camping area on this site.
5. What are the sleeping arrangements at campouts?
Generally the scouts bunk together in troop tents. These are fairly large tents (9 x 9) that will house up to 4 scouts. It is allowable for scouts to bunk with their own parent but a scout is never allowed to bunk with an adult that is not their parent.
 We strongly encourage the scouts to bunk together. This adds greatly to the camping experience since it forces the scouts to be reliant on each other. Besides it is much more fun to hang out with your friends than with your parents.
6. Are parents allowed on camping trips?
Absolutely!!! We love having parents come on the camp outs. In fact, we need you. In order to go camping we need to have adequate adult coverage (supervision). This means a minimum of 2 adults on any trip, more if the number of scouts is large. So come, have fun with us.
7. Are friends allowed on camping trips?
Yes, but it requires prior approval from the scoutmaster or an asst scoutmaster. We are normally happy to have friends come with us. This helps us to expose other boys to the fun of scouting.
8. What does the troop do when it goes camping?
That depends upon the trip. But typical activities include
  • cooking (often scouts are working on cooking requirements)
  • campfires
  • a short hike
  • rank advancement activities
  • field games (football, frisbee, etc
  • man hunt game after dark
  • etc
Camping trips are a great time to work on rank advancement. For many requirements, they have to be done on a camping trip.
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