In Boy Scouts advancement is up to the scouts themselves to make happen. The troop provides the opportunities for the scouts to advance but it is up to the scouts to take advantage of those opportunities. The opportunities include:

  • Camping Trips/Outings: Camping trips are great opportunities for scouts to advanced. Many requirements begin with the phrase "On a camping trip..."
  • Workshops: We run an advancement workshop once a month at the Church. This is another great opportunity to work on advancement
  • Troop Meetings: Any time the troop gets together the scouts can ask to show that they have met a requirement and get it signed off.
  • Upon Request: Scouts that need requirements can always ask the scout or adult leaders to help them earn those requirements at special events outside of the above. For example, an orienteering session at a local park
We are here to help the scouts advance. All they need to do is ask for help!


Advancing through the ranks of Scouting is simply a matter of working at it. All scouts can make it to the highest rank in scouting, Eagle Scout, the merely need to keep at it. Here is a simple primer on the ranks in Scouts, going from lowest to highest rank:

  • Scout: basic rank awarded once the youth has learned what the scouting program is about
  • Tenderfoot: The scout is exposed to all the basic skills in scouting and has gained some simple experience with them
  • Second Class: The scout is starting to develop a deeper understanding of the basic scout skills. They are gaining confidence in themselves and what they can do on their own
  • First Class: The scout has "mastered" all the scout skills and is ready to start leading and teaching others. They may still need to practice these skills but they are now ready to learn leadership skills
  • Star: The scout has gained some leadership abilities, and has earned a number of merit badges required for Eagle Scout. Basic requirements are 4 required merit badges, 2 other merit badges, a leadership position in the troop and 6 hours of service work
  • Life: The scout is only one step away from Eagle, they are a senior leader in the troop and should be confident in both their outdoor skills and their ability to lead others. Basic requirements are a leadership position, 6 hours of service work, 7 required merit badges and 5 other merit badges.
  • Eagle: the scout has achieved the highest rank in scouting having completed at least 21 merit badges (including the 12 required ones) and an Eagle project that required significant leadership skills and at least 150 hours of total work.

Besides this website, there are many online resources for getting information about both rank requirements and Merit Badges. Here are but a few:

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The Official information on advancement from the Boy Scouts of America

Merit Badges:
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