The High Adventure group exists within the troop in order to provide a more challenging program to the older scouts than those offered to the troop as a whole. The group is scout run, they decide on the trips and do the planning to make the trips happen.

Membership Requirements:
The High Adventure group is open to all scouts in the troop that are in 7th grade and have achieved the rank of First Class or are in 8th grade and above.

The High Adventure group is run by the scouts. They meet once a month to plan upcoming events. Trips are proposed by the scouts and one of them will take ownership, find out the details of doing such a trip and propose it to the full group.

Obviously, for this group to be successful, the scouts have to get involved. It is expected that all scouts in the High Adventure group will participate in the planning of the events.

Philmont Scout Ranch: backpacking/outdoor activities
Florida Seabase: sailing/scuba
Northern Tier: canoeing
Maine High Adventure: backpacking in the Katahdin Wilderness
Sabattis Scout Camp: backpacking and canoeing treks
Watchu: Council site for Philmont trips
COPE: Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience


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